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A Visit with Tifft’s Chickadees

Early in February, we took another blustery walk at Tifft Nature Preserve in South Buffalo. dsc_0029We never feed wild animals, but can’t help but be grateful that other people have tamed the resident chickadees. Having a bird land on my outstretched hand feels like a blessing.


Back to Tifft

Spring is slowly returning to Western New York.

The sun is out, and the snow is melting.

With the red ants and stinging nettle still dormant for the winter, it is the perfect time of year for walking around Tifft Nature Preserve.

G worked at Tifft in 2013, assisting the staff ecologist with a massive tree planting and watering project. Here he is explaining the history of Tifft’s “mounds” to our friend. These hills are anything but natural. They are actually built of waste from the coal industry, capped, and planted.DSC_0506

We walked out to the far side of preserve for an open view of Tifft Marsh. Mostly consisting of cattail, this marsh is precious ground for herons, bitterns, and egrets in our area.DSC_0507

On the edge of the water and of the trails, there is evidence of an abundant beaver population. Some new, and some old, as on this tree.DSC_0508

The chickadees there are a tame as ever…DSC_0510and it only took a few patience moments before this one…DSC_0516 …came to see if we had any food.DSC_0518She was out of luck- no seeds from us today (or ever).

Tifft Nature Preserve

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Buffalo!

I spent the afternoon with a friend at Tifft Nature Preserve in South Buffalo.

DSC_0384DSC_0383Tifft is a perfect place for a winter walk. It is easy to get to from the City, the trails are sheltered from the wind, and there are birds in every season. Today we saw woodpeckers, a Great Blue Heron, Cardinals, Robins, and this adorable chickadee…


who landed right on my friend’s outstretched hand.


There were several other walkers and birders there…DSC_0389

…and across the street at the Harbor, we met a man on the look-out for a Snowy Owl. He said that there was one on the breakwalls, but our binoculars were not strong enough for a good sighting.

We did see these adorable Coots!