My name is Erin, and I currently live near Buffalo, NY. I am here to write about walks, wildflowers, and wool.


My name on Ravelry is ErinJoelle and you can find my knitting designs for sale here.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Kat lundin

    Hi Erin! I just read a comment you left on a blog about being turned in to the idea that Lion Brand wool may not be sourced in the US. I have just read about the importance to look for a pledge not to use Merino Wool from Australia, and have been searching desperately for more information on Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool. On they wrapper it says China, but I was wondering if that was just where the wool was being processed. I was wondering if you had any more luck on finding information than I did. My next move is to write Lion Brand and ask, because I do love the Fisherman’s Wool and it is afforadable, warm, waterproof, ect. But I just can’t buy it without knowing.

    Thanks for any info. you have!
    Kat – owner/knitter at Knutten Cnotta Knitte
    Find us on facebook!


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