After driving from Buffalo, New York to Portland, Maine and then taking the ferry from Portland, G and I arrived in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia just as the sun was setting. There was a chill in the air, but we were warm with excitement. Our destination for the night was a bed in the neighboring town of Tusket.

Our route followed the Yarmouth County Rail Trail for 15 km/9 mi to the center of town. The trail was soft with loose gravel and we were still unaccustomed to our tandem, so we rode slowly. To our either side, the silhouettes of spruce and fir were dark against the sun’s twilight glow and we could just make out the bright white blooms of apple trees. Spring peepers were singing.

Passing by the oldest standing court house in Canada, we arrived tired but energized.

We took no photos during our ride, but here is our view from the ferry.


I have already knit a memory piece for this night – a tribute to the Acadian Forest, my favorite ecoregion. It is now carefully blocking.


3 thoughts on “Acadian

  1. Amanda

    I’ve been to Acadia National Park in Maine… I still say it’s the most beautiful place I think I’ve ever been. The ENERGY in that place was amazing. ❤

    1. ErinJoelle Post author

      Acadia National Park IS beautiful. It is always a treat to be in a place with both mountains and the sea. I hope that you are able to visit there again!

      1. Amanda

        It’s wonderful and, Divine willing, I will return. Watching the lobstermen pull their traps from the rocky coastal cliffs, rock climbers… even overly friendly racoons and aliens (pretend, but terribly amusing). One of the best camping trips of my teens!

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