Canada Warbler

G and I are preparing for a trip to Nova Scotia. We are planning to ride The Leonid Meteor Shower (aka our tandem bicycle), the length of the Nova Scotia peninsula and the rough circumference of Cape Breton Island. We have been looking at maps, making lists of potential destinations, locating knitting shops (me), and gathering essential components for Leonid (G).

Our upcoming travels are already influencing my knitting, and last week I knitted a hat inspired by the plumage of the Canada Warbler. This little bird will soon be arriving in Nova Scotia to breed in the moist deciduous-coniferous forests. This hat, however, is staying here in Buffalo with a friend.


On Ravelry here.


4 thoughts on “Canada Warbler

  1. edthesmokebeard

    Check out MacLeod’s Inverness Beach Village – highly recommended. West coast of CBI, Good campsites, and you’re camping almost right on the beach, with beautiful sunsets.

    1. ErinJoelle Post author

      Thank you for the recommendation, Ed! Have you also hiked in Nova Scotia? I am hoping to give our breaks a bum and do a bit of hiking as well.

      1. edthesmokebeard

        Just day hikes, I was on a driving trip but would stop at a park/campground and camp, then drive, stop, do a day hike, etc. The farthest north I got was towards the northern end when the road turned to gravel, and I didn’t want to take my car any further.

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