Black Mountain and Memories in Wool


Two years and two seasons ago, my sister, two friends, and I visited the Vikingeskibsmuseet in Roskilde, Denmark. We arrived in time for the Ild, Vand, og Vikinger (Fire, Water, and Vikings) Festival. The weather was warm and the sun was shining, but I bought three skeins of heavy, Icelandic wool for a farmer at the festival. Two were shades of natural, undyed gray, and one, a vibrant but natural yellow, was dyed with lyng (heather).

Natural dying with rejnfan (tansy).

I chose a motif inspired by Fana sweaters.
DSC_0228It has taken me a long time to finish the mittens and hat that I made with this yarn, and it may be another 6 months before they are worn, but I don’t mind. Memories of our day in Denmark are present in each stitch.

Photos were taken on a beautiful March day at the summit of Black Mountain, overlooking Lake George in New York.



6 thoughts on “Black Mountain and Memories in Wool

  1. Anna

    Hello, what a lovely blog post. The festival looks really interesting and the landscape in your photos beautiful. The hat and mitts are a winner too – what a great combo! Really enjoy your blog, thanks.


    1. ErinJoelle Post author

      Thank you, Anna! We had an amazing time at that festival, and I am grateful to have a souvenier.

      Your own blog is very intriguing, and I am looking forward to reading through your posts!

      Best wishes,

  2. emma

    Fire, water, and vikings, three of my fave things! Hope we get to make it to some random ass festivals in our time over there ๐Ÿ™‚


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