The Saranac Six – St. Regis Mountain

Snowshoeing Day Two!

Sunday morning, I woke up SORE. The large area on my thigh, where I had scraped by a rock while sliding down Mt. McKenzie, had turned from its typical ghostly winter white to a deep purpley red bruise.

I needed a good cup of tea and four pieces of french toast with maple syrup…



…in order to get out the door and on the way to the St. Regis trailhead.


St. Regis Mountain is another of the Saranac Six. It is almost 1000 feet shorter than Mt. McKenzie, but it makes up for this with incredible views.


Photo by R.S.


Photo by R.S.

(OK, our views on Sunday were a bit white, but use your imagination. There are thirty lakes out there!)

St. Regis Mountain is home to the St. Regis Firetower. According to the Friends of the St. Regis Mt. Firetower, this tower was built in 1918, and has been closed since 1990.


Photo by R.S.

We gathered underneath it for a few minutes, but the wind and blowing snow made the experience unpleasant, and we were on our way back into the trees and down within a few minutes.


Overall, it was a wonderful hike, though more difficult for me than I would have liked! I am already thinking of when we will be able to return to the mountains this spring.

Lastly I will say it here- Having climbed one of the Mountains on the Fire Tower Challenge list, I feel that there is no choice but to hike the rest of them.



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