The Saranac Six – Mt. McKenzie

Last weekend was our fourth annual snowshoeing weekend in the Adirondacks!

This year, nine of us rented an ADK-by-owner cabin near Saranac Lake, and spent two days hiking Mt. McKenzie and St. Regis Mountain – two of the Saranac Six peaks. (My dad and I are fans of lists and patches, and plan to be 6ers by 2016. We’ll drag my sister along with us!)

Mt. McKenzie is the tallest of the Saranac Six. It’s elevation is higher than the “4000-footer” Couchsagraga, but McKenzie is much easier to get to. Unfortunately, I do not know much else about the peak. Internet searching has not revealed to me just who [Mr.] McKenzie was or why there is a mountain names after him.

The trail started off gradually…

IMG_1060…and there was plenty of time to stop and appreciate the forest.


Then, after the trails to Haystack and McKenzie split, things start to get serious!


The hike became steep, and our conversations fell off as everyone focused on where to put their feet and how to catch their breath.

IMG_0583 IMG_0584

As we reached the summit, the spruce-fir forests became remarkably beautiful. Each branch, each leaf was coated with thick snow.


We reached the windy summit in time for cold lunches and hot chocolate…

SAM_0900After eating, we enjoyed the hazy views…

IMG_1069took our traditional summit photos…SAM_0893

Hand knits in action!


Amazing orange hat knit by a friend!

IMG_1064 …and then it was time for the best part – butt sliding! Mt. McKenzie’s well packed trail and steep descent made for perfect snow chutes. I destroyed my rain pants, but it was all worth it.

(G’s mom had never been snowshoeing in the mountains before. She loved sliding down.)


We spent the evening by the fire, doing a puzzle, drinking the wine given us by our hosts…

IMG_1047 …and playing games.

More on Sunday’s hike of St. Regis Mountain tomorrow!

I wore my Kråke hat for part of the hike, It needs some modifications, but it wonderfully warm!


Click the photo for the Ravelry link.


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