Mid-winter Gathering

This past week, G hosted his second annual Mid-winter Gathering at his small house in the Poconos, PA. In between board games and good food, the twenty-or-so of us went on a beautiful walk at the Dixon Miller Recreation Area.

We walked from the parking lot, up a steady road. There was a layer of downy snow over slick ice, and everyone took at least one spill.DSC_0473

DSC_0474The road leads to a few buildings, including a fire tower that was maintained for decades by a single man, who has now passed away.DSC_0476The fire tower at the summit was closed, but we enjoyed a hazy view of the Poconos from a small clearing nearby. DSC_0479

Snow angels were made…DSC_0484 snowballs were thrown…

DSC_0488and Good Clean Fun was had by all!

Back at home, my dad has been greatly enjoying his Christmas present – a wool hat that fits his just right!Click the photo for Ravelry link.

Click the photo for Ravelry link.


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