Northville-Placid Trail Day 8 – Duck Pond to Lake Placid

Day 8


On our final day, we woke up (with the help of G’s phone alarm) at 6 am. The just-past-full moon was still overhead, and we packed up our things in the pale light. We watched the sky lighten over the Cold River as we ate a cold breakfast, and then set out for Averyville Road 12 miles north. It might have been just past 6 am, but we were both already thinking about dinner at the Lake Placid Brew Pub.

The trail north of Duck Pond was in good condition, but it was not easy. The footing along Roaring Brook was particularly challenging. Our stops along the way included a break at the Moose Pond Lean-to and a moment on a log to re-tape my poor little pinky toes. I must admit that I do not recall much else from this day because the last 8 miles of trail were an endurance test for me. My feet hurt more than they had the entire trip, and it took all of my energy to continue on at a steady pace. Of course, we finally reached Averyville Road and the (almost) end of our wonderful journey.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA From the parking lot, we had under two miles into town on the road, which was cut short by a friendly man who drove us at least half the way. When he pulled over and called out his window, “Need a ride?” I answered, “Yes!” as quickly as possible, worried that G would turn him down. Our driver turned out to be an avid hiker who had completed the AT, NPT, LT, and PCT with his wife. He said that he has received a lot of helpful rides over the years. Thanks for paying it forward!

We finished out our vacation eating lunch at Ere’s Pizza, enjoying the shops in town, chatting with a great group of other hikers at the Lake Placid Brewery, and enjoying a delicious dinner with our two friends who picked up our car from Northville. Now all that is left to do is write in to the NPT chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club, make a donation, and receive our badges!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Northville Placid Trail, check out the NPT ADK Chapter website and pick up a copy of Northville-Placid Trail edited by Jeffrey and Donna Case. We had an amazing experience, and hope that many other hikers enjoy the trail in the years to come.

Happy hiking!


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