Northville-Placid Trail Day 6 – Long Lake to Plumley Point

9 October 2014

LONG LAKE VILLAGE to PLUMLEY POINT LEAN-TO (8.5 miles + 1.5 from Long Lake)

G woke around sunrise on our 6th day, but I refused to leave the warm and soft bed until around 7:30. It took us over an hour to pack and get to the grocery store across the street where we spend over $80 on “2” days’ worth of food. (This included $14.99 on a 2 pound block of Cabot cheddar cheese.) From there, we waddled our way to the town diner for a long breakfast, to the Hoss’ complex to browse the books, and then to Stewarts for ice cream.

The road walk back was just as long, but not as painful as the night before.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe met up with the blue markers again on Tarbell Road, and I switched into my boots before we entered the woods.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe trail from Long Lake to Lake Placid was clearly more used that most of the southerly section, but we still encountered a few rotted out bog bridges and flooded out areas as we made our way through public and privately owned hardwood forest. Near the Hidden Cove Lean-to, we came upon a Student Conservation Association crew, hard at work to build new bridges. They had been working on the NPT for several weeks. We said our heart-felt “Thanks!” before continuing on our way.

At 7.2 miles, we came to a screened in spring house that is mentioned in the guide book. I was looking forward to a drink of cold spring water, straight from the source, but decided against it once I saw the pool. The pool was clear and circulating, but it seemed likely that water was also flowing in over the ground, especially after all this week’s rain. We took a rest next to the spring and drank some of our filtered water.

Late in the afternoon, just after crossing a beaver pond by walking over the sturdy dam, we met the only other through-hiker that we saw during our trip. He was a quirky southbound solo hiker, with plastic grocery bags full of snacks hanging from his chest-strap. We exchanged information about trail conditions and then said farewell.

We arrived at the last lean-to on the lake, Plumley Point, about an hour before dark.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After my sleepless night with Stephen The Mouse, I refused to sleep in the shelter itself, so I searched the area for a flat spot, while G pumped water from the Lake.


I took a side strip to the shore for a view south across Long Lake. The wind was blowing strongly from the south, and it was raining slightly. The Lake had a wild, purple glow to it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA G built a file with the small amount of wood that he was able to find (this is a popular spot, and the woods were picked almost completely clean), while I cooked our dinner (cheese with a little bit of pasta mixed in).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe insisted that this shelter had no mice in it, but just a few moments after we settled in to watch the fire, there one was, nosing up to our packs when it thought that we weren’t looking.

93.5 total miles


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