Gloves for my Grandparents

One of the best things about handknits is the way regional knitting techniques, motifs, patterns, and fiber characteristics come together to give hand made items a sense of origin. This comes through in Sanquharr, Fair Isle, Estonian, and Bohus items. As a self-taught, American knitter, I feel a bit deprived of a regional knitting identity. This feeling has led me to a new project… My goal is to create an item in honor of each of my great grandparents. Through this process, I hope to learn more about the 8 parts of the world that my great grandparents were born, as well as about the people who my great grandparents were. I believe that designing and crafting these items will help me discover a style for myself that incorporates my family’s heritage, as well as my current sense of place.


Grandpa Joseph Malina with five of his grandchildren. My mother, Judy, is on the right.


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